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Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend (AMJ) was founded in Hamburg on November 10th, 1947. It is a federal organization with several regional and county-offices. Since 1978, the federal bureau is located in Wolfenbüttel near Braunschweig.
The major goal of the AMJ is the care of musical education for youth beyond the scope of schools. The membership is available for singles, families, choirs, orchestras, music-schools, for schools and institutions in general.

The AMJ is a choral organization mainly for children’s and youth choirs, school and college choirs as well as for all adult choirs, whose work is efficient, who are interested in furthering their education and who also support the international profile of AMJ. AMJ offers support for its members in practical questions (society laws, GEMA, insurances etc.), provises advise for choirs concerning monetary support from communal, county, federal or European institutions, fosters and promotes national and international choral cooperations and has at its disposal a music library with more than 2.500 works and scores which can be borrowed by members for free.
Every year, AMJ organizes over 100 courses where children, adolescents, adults and families can further their musical abilities and receive new impulses in work-weeks and weekend-courses. Conductors, teachers and other participants have the possibility for improvement and exchange of information.

AMJ cultivates particularly its international work, above all the big meeting events, singing weeks and festivals, i.e. the EUROTREFF in Wolfenbüttel (Lower Saxony, every 2 years in fall) and the International Youth Chamber-Choir-Meeting Usedom (every 2 years in summer). With several countries there are also exchange programs for conductors. Choirs who want to realize international projects with choirs from abroad can apply for subsidies. AMJ cooperates with the German-French and German-Polish Youth-Organization as a central office. Since 2015, AMJ is also central office of the German Ministry for Families.
AMJ is one of the founding members of the European Choral Association – EUROPA CANTAT and of the IFCM (International Federation for Choral Music); it supports the work of EUROCHOIR and WORLD YOUTH-CHOIR.
For many years the AMJ offers the CONDUCTOR’s-FORUM open for all conductors. The main goal of this Forum is to give an opportunity forr exchange to conductors, to give them information and to help them with the planning of projects. This forum is also the representative of the conductors’ interests. There is always a big meeting with contemporary composers who present new pieces for choirs.
The annual course-schedule (JAHRESPLAN) and the associations publication INTERVALLE inform about AMJ’s offers and activities.

For more information please contact:
Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend (AMJ)
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